About the development

Neo Natolin is an intimate estate of single-family houses to be built in Warsaw's Natolin district, close to the most beautiful green areas in the capital.

200 homes will be built on a 36.5-acre site.

The first phase of the project, which will begin in 2022, will include 84 single-family and two-family houses, each with its own plot of 750 to 1000 sqm.


The only point of contact between the houses in the Neo Natolin estate is the garages. This architectural solution ensures complete privacy. Inside the safe and beautifully designed estate, residents will experience all the benefits of living in a single-family home.

Advantages of our development


Neo space

Our estate is exceptionally spacious, distinguished by the above-average size of gardens and plots. The plot for each house is a minimum of 1500 m2, and as much as 70% is a biologically active area. The remaining space is taken up by relaxation zones, green spaces for spending time together, or playgrounds for children.
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Neo nature

We are located close to nature, surrounded by beautiful green areas with unique terrain with old trees that remember the area's ancient history.
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Neo location

Location is our strength. The estate is well connected with the city centre and, at the same time, enables swift exit from Warsaw thanks to easy access to the S2 route. Moreover, we are next to the Kabaty metro station and public transport stops.

Neo architecture

Each house on our estate is a separate designer project made with great care. We focus on minimalism, quality materials, extensive glazing, muted colours and warm light. Residents will be surrounded on all sides by modern and elegant architecture.

Neo style

Neo Natolin houses are finished in the best style; we also allow the prospective owners to create their own unique arrangements inside them - full of beauty, peace and open space. This is made possible, among other things, by the height of the rooms - the living rooms on the ground floor have as much as 3.2 m.

Neo quality

The Neo Natolin project is carried out by the renowned design studio Pracownia APA Wojciechowski. A reliable general contractor guarantees the highest quality workmanship.
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