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Green initiatives

The combination of modern technology and care for the environment makes our estate a unique place to live.

eco leafECO Split type air-to-water heat pump

A cost-effective source of heat, used to heat domestic water and supply underfloor heating for living spaces.
Manufacturer: Panasonic.

eco leafECO Recuperation with heat recovery

An efficient ventilation system with the use of carbon filters.

eco leafECO Photovoltaics

Cable ducts with pilot where any photovoltaic panel system can be fitted.

eco leafECO Car charging

Ready electrical wiring to connect car chargers.

eco leafECO Separate meters for water

Domestic water (for watering the garden) and domestic water (sewerage).

eco leafECO Rubbish shed

for each property.

eco leafECO Green space in common areas
  • Estate greenery in the delimitation lines of 3KUL and 6KUD street supplemented with a retention basin with wooden piers, planted with hydrophilous plants.
  • Elements of street furniture in the form of bicycle racks, park benches, seating in the form of erratic boulders and dead tree trunks.
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