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Neo Natolin is a project that offers many recreational and sports opportunities and, at the same time, all the amenities of city life: infrastructure, accessible transport, access to services, and proximity to schools and kindergartens.

ul. Stefana Korbońskiego, Warsaw

We offer the residents of the estate an unprecedented combination of two seemingly distant worlds. In one common location, we offer at the same time comfort and peace that comes from living in a house with a large garden, and at the same time convenience and quick access to everything a big city makes possible.
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Natolin is the name of a part of Ursynów and a nature reserve located there and the palace and park complex, which is the seat of the Natolin European Center. The nature reserve includes an oak and hornbeam forest transitioning to floodplain forests in some places. Furthermore, the oldest parts of the forest still remember medieval times. The Natolin Reserve is also home to many protected animal species. Natolin was a property of great Polish families - Lubomirski and Potocki in the old days. The latter are responsible for creating the name Natolin - it was created in 1807 in honour of their daughter Natalia.


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